Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dressing Culture
Top: RM 20
Bottom: RM 17
Earrings, one of the best complimets to a perfect look!
Both the designs above are oozing with an oriental vibe, yes?
Dressing Culture
RM 19
look at the details on that mini-scooter! impressive?
awaits you. Click!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

RM 168
RM 155

Matching Misfits
RM 168

the stuff in this store is so so so uber CUTE!!!
altho price might be slightly pricier, but the items there
are definitely different from the ordinary.
if you love all things cute,
this is where you should be heading.

RM 55
Quirky Brown Cow
RM 55
Remember those times when you felt so restricted because
you're wearing that short dress?
You wont have to anymore if in this!!!
Climb up the ladder & even do a split jump, if you can!

RM 39
loove the bustline design
+ don't the color makes you all lovey-dovey?
perfect for the coming V-day!!!
RM 49
wearing your usual LBD?
glam it up with this sliver pumps!
updated with lots of discounted items too.
especially dresses & heels.
don't miss out!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
RM 40
*inclusive postage
Know why chiffon tops like this are simply AWESOME?
besides the fact that they need minimal ironing,
the material is uber breezy & comfortable!
Plus, the loose flowy cutting does wonders in hiding
those slightly untoned tummy & arm areas.
And if you havent notice(impossible!)
the vibrant colors are way gorgeous!

Poppy Mallow
RM 42
Despite the craze over animal prints & lace,
checkers are still a favourite amongst many.
Besides, can one ever go wrong with checkers?
Look classy in this simple checkers item.

Poppy Mallow
RM 37
we've seen lots of floral skirts last year,
but i couldnt resist featuring this one.
Love the tone of the floral prints!
has a very english ambience to it, in my opinion :)
just like a pretty wall paper, yea?

Poppy Mallow
RM 40
From sweet demure pieces to cool futuristic items.
Poppy Mallow has got it all!
Comes in white/black,
this button down shirt got really fierce shoulders!

RM 59
This sleeveles lace top comes with an inner jerseydress :)
assumes that it can be worn seperately?
If that's the case, great value for money indeed!
I love the striking color, scarlet red.
But if you choose to go for something more subtle,
theres black / white in store

RM 35
nothing beats the uber sexyness of an oversize tee!
it sure looks incredibly comfy to me *yawns
has a v-neck (great for a slimming effect)
RM 42
looking at this star-studded
shirt absolutely makes me feel like i'm in Texas.
weird, much? heh
But the good thing about shirts like this is they are
practical for daily wear!
Material: cotton